A few honesty to brothers in KSA and UAE

محرر 13 September 2018
A few honesty to brothers in KSA and UAE
Mansour al-Hilee

عدن نيوز - كتابات:

You, my brothers, have responded to the appeal of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to contribute and participate in defeating the Houthi militias. That was performed perfectly.

You have given your best men martyrs on the land of Yemen.
You have also supported the legitimate government and you have provided substantial funds in this field.

Southern provinces have been released from militia, thanks to Allah, but became under a partial control of the legitimate authorities, while the legitimate authority was supposed to be given all powers.

Today, Yemeni citizen in released provinces suffers from the rise in prices, the hardness of living and the massive declining of the national currency. But he never noticed any serious moves from you to save the Yemeni riyal. Everything is collapsing down just in front of your eyes with no such immediate act.

As if you were satisfied of this suffering that bonds Yemenis in all aspects.

Never the less some vital facilities such as airports and seaports which still under your control. You did not allowed the legitimate government to run it or to take full control of it.

So, what is really happening? Why you are still in liberated provinces even after they already released from militia? Why did not you transmit the control of seaports and airports to the legitimate? Why you did create a fake authority to fight the legitimate, which led to more troubles.

Why you did not help to unify all separated military and security groups, and let them under the authority of defense ministry and the authority of interior ministry.

Why we cannot export our crude oil and our liquefied gas to outside?

Yemeni Southern provinces already liberated from the houthis militia. All that achieved with your support and help. But you still interfere in every detail there. Just take your hands off the liberated areas, and let the legitimate government take the rule there. Take off your hand from seaports and airports, and let us manage our business by ourselves. Just focus your efforts on supporting the national army to defeat the rest of the militia at the northern areas.

The Yemeni citizens in southern areas reached the desperate level after they witnessed everything collapsing in front of their eyes.
There is no more water, electricity or normal conditions to be alive and there is no security. There is no more seaports or airports. The citizen now is unable to provide the needs of food to his family and children. Even the 3-meals a day became as such as a hard achievement for a normal family.

All things mentioned previously was real. Even though, this is not as an ingratitude to the favor provided by KSA and UAE to Yemeni people.
But we reached the deepest level of the famine and poorness.

Move quickly to save Yemeni people. Our national currency needs your help to stand up again. Just move and we all will pray for you in the nights. And you know that there is no barriers between the call of the oppressed and Allah.

Mansour al-Hilee
Sept, 1, 2018

بقلم - Mansour al-Hilee
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