UAE minister denies his country’s responsibility for protest against KSA in yemen

محرر 17 September 2018
UAE minister denies his country’s responsibility for  protest against KSA in yemen

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash, denied his country’s responsibility in the protests that raised anti-Saudi banners in a number of cities in southern Yemen.

The protests movement led by the so-called “Transitional Council” in both the Radfan and al-Dhala cities raised banners attacked Saudi Arabia, and Saudi King, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, accusing him of involvement in an international conspiracy to destabilize the Yemeni economy.
Gargash claimed that the protests were infiltrated by the Islah Party and that members of the party were raising anti-Saudi banners.

“We believe that the Islah Party is a minority that does not want good for Yemen. We and the coalition will continue our mission in supporting Yemen,” he tweeted on Twitter.

Islah Party, through its media, deprecated the statements made by the UAE. A party leader Adnan al-Udiani said: We deplore what Mr. Anwar Gargash said and believe that he does not express the opinion of the brothers in the

UAE. We have full gratitude for brothers in KSA and UAE for their support to Yemen.

“We do not doubt for a moment that they know that Islah party has nothing to do with what happens in Hadramout or elsewhere, and that they know very well who is behind it and what agenda it carries” al-Udaini concluded.

The statements of the UAE minister caused widespread reactions on social networking media, included many sarcastic comments of Mr. Gargas’s tweet.

“The UAE has allowed its supporters to attack the kingdom in Dhala and Radfan. Gargash is only trying to escape the consequences of reckless move against Riyadh,” said Abdul Raqeeb al-Hudaiani, a journalist.

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