Citizen was killed by Houthi leader in Rima province

محرر 121 September 2018
Citizen was killed by Houthi leader in Rima province

عدن نيوز - خاص:

A civilian was killed on Wednesday by in armed Houthi supervisor in “Blad al-Taam” town of Rima province, west of Yemen.

Local sources said that the supervisor of the Houthi rebels in “Blad al-Taam” town, called “Abu Muhammad al-Hakami”, killed the citizen Yahya Mohammed Saad al-Naqil (at the souq of the town center ), while pursuing one of the milita members, trying to take the guy’s gun by force after the member refused to involve in the battles with the rebels.

The sources explained that the houthi supervisor, fired from his rifle at the souq, when one of the bullets penetrated the victim’s head.
Pointing out that the innocent guy died immediately, while the houthi supervisor took the dead body and fled.

Murder cases of civilians by Houthi members were repeated lately in the peaceful province of Rima, which is also far from the areas of confrontation.

Sourceالمصدر اونلاين
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