significant decline in the influence of Abu Dhabi in Aden as public awareness increases

Editor24 January 2019
significant decline in the influence of Abu Dhabi in Aden as public awareness increases

عدن نيوز - Aden News (special report):

The UAE media are trying to beautify the image of their mercenaries on Yemeni soil, through various ways, in an attempt to reduce the growing popular anger towards them in recent times.

This comes at the same time the policies of the UAE in Aden and a number of cities in the south are facing a large-scale societal resistance and an unprecedented popular rejection.

UAE and the policy of mass chaos

Over the past three years, the UAE has given full authority to its proxies in a number of southern cities such as the security belt forces and the elite forces, which are deploying in a number of governorates including Aden, Hadramout and Shabwa, as well as armed Salafi forces in Taiz. All this forces have been created under the supervision of the UAE to limit the role of legitimate authority in the liberated provinces.

The UAE-backed local armed forces have committed massive abuses against civilians and political figures, especially the leaders of Islah Party. Many civilians killed through UAE’s local or foreign assassination groups.

In addition, thousands of political opponents or civilians have been arrested in secret detention centers and subjected to brutal torture, as has been reported by a number of international human rights organizations.

Observers believe that the hazing policy against the opponents of the UAE role in the Yemeni cities aims primarily to instill fear and terror in the heart of everyone who tries to stand against the agendas and ambitions of Abu Dhabi.

According to Journalists, the policy of terror is not the only way the UAE can use to silence its opponents, but there is other way called “the mass chaos policy”, aimed to weaken the  liberated provinces.

“The UAE and its tools in Yemen are trying to create a situation of mass chaos in order to put the legitimate authority under serious pressures, as the lack of services and the collapse of the economy in the liberated areas, which may lead to the fall of the legitimate power there” journalist Ameen Dabwan said.

He also said: the legitimate does not have many options to face this scenario, especially in the shadow of the war against the houthis.

Sudden change in positions

Until a few months ago, the UAE believed it is isolated from accountability for all the violations and crimes committed against the Yemenis, and that its influence in the cities of the south is stable.

However, there have been developments that could turn the local scene upside down, especially in the temporary capital of Aden, where Western media reports have exposed the crimes of the UAE, the most important of which is the report issued by the American site “Buzz Feed,” which revealed that the UAE hired a professional assassinations team to carry out Operations in Aden.

The frequent protests of the “Mothers of Detainees Association” against UAE secret detentions also attracted the internal attention.

According to political activist Samir al-Bail, the release of the detainee Yasir al-Hassani from the prisons of the UAE in Aden, was an important development, as he revealed information about the brutal torture in these prisons, or targeting political and national leaders such as Sheikh Ahmed Saleh al-Eisy. These leaks has grew the public anger against UAE policies.

“We are beginning to see street demonstrators in Aden and other cities to denounce the policies of the UAE, and to demand the prosecution of a number of their mercenaries, such as Hani Ben Brik or Shalal Shaye.

journalist Ahmed Abdulraqib believed that the community awareness in the cities of the south about the threat of the UAE and its corrupted mercenaries may write the conclusion  chapter of Abu Dhabi dreams in extending its control over Yemen.

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