Popular spontaneous campaign defends Sheikh Al-Eisy against UAE-funded attack (report)

محرر 13 March 2019
Popular spontaneous campaign defends Sheikh Al-Eisy against UAE-funded attack (report)

عدن نيوز - report:

Yemeni activists, journalists, intellectuals and religious leaders have launched a campaign on social networking sites to respond to an enticing campaign waged by some of mercenaries who are being manipulated by foreign sides.

In this regard, a number of activists, intellectuals and clergymen defended the national character Ahmed al-Eisy, as he represents a pillar of the national economy.

Al-Eisy is a Yemeni prominent figure

In response to the personal targeting of the nationalist leader Ahmed Saleh al-Eisy, Sheikh Abdul Nasser al-Awdali, the assistant secretary-general of the Liberation Front party, said that “Sheikh al-Eisy was one of the figures of Yemen. Pointing out that his history is full of giving and good.
the journalist and human rights activist Abu Bakr Al-Mehdar asked: why the close associates of President Hadi are targeted at this particular time?

“Yesterday, Al-Alimi and Al-Eisy. tomorrow we do not know who will be targeted?” Al-Mehdhar said in a tweet to his Twitter account. But it turned out that there are systematic and organized campaigns to target the figures supporting the national project and resistance against the Houthi coup. ”

Al-Eisy as we knew him

“When the Houthi militias occupied Aden and encircled their land and seaports, the ships of alEisy was coming to the coast of Aden laden with men trained in Sharurah to contribute in the liberation of Aden,” said Mohammed Salem al-Ahmadi, director general of culture in Shabwa province.

When the resistance suffered searching for arms and food, al-Eisy’s money was available to fill most of the need. When the martyr Jaafar managed the province of Aden, the possibilities of alEisy was available and at the disposal of the governor to provide services in the city .. When the treasury of the state was spent, billions of Eisy was present for the Treasury. these billions still today debt on the state .. This is Ahmed Saleh al-Eisy as we knew him, and these are his positions.
Paid trumpets trying to undermine the legitimate national figures
Al-Ahmadi expressed his surprise of this “campaign against Sheikh Al-Eisy”.

“Sheikh Ahmed Saleh al-Eisy is one of the most important national economic figures in the country, and the targeting at this particular time carries serious implications,” the editor of Tihama Press website wrote on his facebook account.
The writer Mohamed Ahmed Belfakhar called for vigilance and caution against everything that is being waged against the supporters of the legitimacy and its leaders who support President Hadi.

“We have to be vigilant about all attempts seek to eliminate or end the role of most important leaders in the legitimacy, through driven charges issued from dirty media sides.

Al-Eisy faces politically motivated campaigns

The writer and political analyst Sami Haroubi said that the media campaigns against Sheikh al-Eisy are funded and politically motivated. Pointing out that the intention is to harm Al-Eisy because of his national positions, and that he is being attacked because of his bias towards legitimacy from the outset.

“The strange thing is that the Huthis, the Emirates and their agents, as well as some traitors within the legitimate, are trying to distort this man by injecting misleading information and fake news to the public opinion as well as the international community.

“He was able to deal with the coupists in Sana’a and the separatists in Aden to continue his business, as is the case with most traders, but he has a political position and he pays and continues to pay for his national position, which made the Huthi militias in the north confiscate all his property, And made the UAE and its tools in the south targets his life. “

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