Yemenis attack Ben Brik after: you are a spy

Editor8 March 2019
Yemenis attack Ben Brik after: you are a spy

The statements of the expelled minister and deputy head of the transitional council, Hani Ben Brik, provoked angry reactions among a large segment of Yemenis.

Ben Brik had announced that he would inform the Egyptian security of the meeting places of the legitimate government leaders in Cairo, in order to arrest them.
“The leadership of Egypt supports the security, unity and sovereignty of Yemen and will be in beside legitimacy,” said

journalist Ghamdan al-Shareef. “The meeting of the Southern Coalition has the Egyptian blessing and support and is going to be held with the participation of members of the House of Representatives and Shura Council as well as all southern components, So Why is this hatred and incitement against the people of your country?

Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rub al-Naqib said: How much have times I have advised you, my son? We seek reconciliation and southern tolerance. Unfortunately, you fell from our eyes.

Another said: Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself when acting as a spy against your compatriots? You are really without honour and without dignity.

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